Mean-Shift multiband segmentation

I would like to ask a very simple question, but for me it makes all the difference in the GEOBIA approach. In a multiband image composed of 4 bands (RGB+NIR), does the Mean-Shift segmentation process consider the 4 bands or just the first 3 bands for the RGB channel? In a multiband with 10 bands, will Mean-Shift take all 10 bands to perform the segmentation?

Dear @wesleysc352,

By default, all the bands are used in the Mean-Shift segmentation.

If you want to use only some bands, you can use the &bands extended filename. For example:
otbcli_LargeScaleMeanShift -in "image.tiff?&bands=1:3" -mode.vector.out regions.shp [...]
to select the 3 first bands.

Julien :slight_smile: