Metadata Handling for Pleiades images


I am a new user to OTB and was testing the following python workflow with Pleiades data. I am using the OTB version 9.0.0.

Common Use Cases — Orfeo ToolBox 9.0.0 documentation (

In my case, the data is in raw format (.jp2 files in different folders) with .XML files containing metadata. In the given workflow I tested "BundleToPerfectSensor’ by providing the PAN and XS bands in .jp2 format. The output was written to a .tif file.

The process ran successfully, however, I am unable to see the file and bands metadata in the output. How could I ensure the proper transfer of the metadata.




You can see the Metadata with otbcli_ReadImageInfo -in /Path/image.tif -imagemetadata true , could you provide the output of this command?

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Hi Thibaut,

Many thanks for the response.

I was able to see the metadata information when ran the command which you provided.

I was also able to get the information in python. I realized that I was not setting “imagemetadata” parameter to “true” for the ReadImageInfo as it is described in the:

ReadImageInfo — Orfeo ToolBox 9.0.0 documentation (

Many thanks for the help.