Migrate MAJA 3.3 to 4.5

I think this is my last post about the migration of our system from MAJA 3.3 to MAJA 4.5. It has 2 purposes: one, document what I found for whomever would go through the same process and two, make sure that the assumptions I made are correct.

The main changes I had to make to my system are the following:

  • I installed GDAL 3.2 (latest available on my system) instead of the 2.4.2 which was already installed
  • Copying the DTM content from my MAJA 3.3 installation, I had to move the files one directory down and I had to adapt the code of Start_maja.py (line 318 of get_dtm to check for “%sT?%s_%s.DBL(.DIR)?" instead of "%s%s_%s.DBL(.DIR)?”)
  • The input products are now located in a subdirectory //T instead of /
  • The input products have to be unzipped (MAJA 3.3 was working on the zipped products has downloaded from the ESA website with the option -z)
  • The result products are now located in a subdirectory // instead of ///
  • When no result could be computed due to a too important cloud coverage, the result is now stored in a directory named “SENTINEL2…” instead of “L2NOTV_SENTINEL2…”
  • The log of the result is stored in a .log file instead of .SAFE.zip.log
  • The command line of Start_maja.py do not have -l -g anymore (downloads done automatically) but have -y to prevent the process from asking for a confirmation

Thanks for your attention and for your assitance on my previous posts.