Mosaic application documentation is not available

Hi all,

I was searching for Mosaic documentation, but it is not available in OTB cookbook:

Is there any reason for that? Can it be found in any other place?

Thank you very much!

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Pedro Venâncio


Mosaic is what we call a “Remote Module”, i.e. it is an application created and maintained by an external contributor ( In particular it is an “official” remote module, which means it is packaged (it is available when you download otb binaries).

The documentation for remote modules is not in the Cookbook in OTB 6.6.1, I’m not exactly sure why… But this will change in OTB 6.7 (coming soon :slight_smile: )

In the meantime you can use the Cookbook generated from the develop branch of otb, available here (generated the 07/08/2019).

You can also print the documentation in a terminal by using

otbcli_Mosaic -help



Hi Pedro,
You can find most of the useful stuff in the mosaic github repo.
In future releases we might do something about it!

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Thank you very much for the explanation and the good news about OTB 6.7 @Cedric !

And thank you very much for this fantastic mosaicing algorithm @remi.cresson !!! :ok_hand:

Best regards!