Mosaic strange result

I have multi images and after mosiac using :

./otbcli_Mosaic.bat -comp.feather large -il D:/Ariapa/new/Orthophoto_Maps_Multispectral-master/test_path/images/IMG_0800.tif D:/Ariapa/new/Orthophoto_Maps_Multispectral-master/test_path/images/IMG_0801.tif D:/Ariapa/new/Orthophoto_Maps_Multispectral-master/test_path/images/IMG_0802.tif D:/Ariapa/new/Orthophoto_Maps_Multispectral-master/test_path/images/IMG_0803.tif D:/Ariapa/new/Orthophoto_Maps_Multispectral-master/test_path/images/IMG_0804.tif -out D:/Ariapa/new/Orthophoto_Maps_Multispectral-master/test_path/images/IMG_RGB.jpg

this is what I got :

don’t want put images on each others , I want a real mosaic image

Hi @sabra ,

Could you post the logs?
I think that either your input images have not the same CRS, or they are not properly geometrically aligned.
Mosaic just performs the pixels interpolation and compositing, so you are using the right tool here, but there is something wrong with the geometry of the inputs.