Multiple products on the same date

Hi All,

I am not sure this is the right place to ask my question but…
We have an automated process downloading the sentinel products from the open api and processing them through MAJA (tiles over Wallonia/Belgium)
Checking which products are present on our servers, I realised that for one date (2022-08-20), there are 2 products, one generated on 2022-08-20 at 11:24 and one generated on 2022-08-31 at 17:54, both seeming identical
In the results from MAJA there is only one product for that date, based on the product generated on 2022-08-20

My questions are:

  • MAJA does not recompute the product because one is already existing, even if a “newer” product is available ?
  • Am I right in thinking both products are identical or should I delete the “old” product and its result from MAJA so that a new result is computed ?
    (again, there is only one date since beginning of 2022…)



Dear @seffinier,

MAJA works with date without taking the time into account. Si it considers it is the same product

It happens that a product is reprocessed to correct a bug in the production chain. In that case, it is best to keep the product with the latest production date.

Best regards.
Julien :slight_smile:

Hi Sebastien,
Just in case you are not aware, THEIA is producing Sentinel-2 data over Belgium with less than a week delay (fully cloudy images are not produced)

Is there a specific reason for you to produce L2A on your side ? I’m curious.

Thank you for your answers

I am aware of the THEIA project but we are working with a research center which defined our complete process including the MAJA settings to be used and believes to produce better products for our usage than by using the THEIA products