New caterories for OTB chains users

The recent news showed an increasing interest for the chains base on the Orfeo Toolbox:

  • MAJA becomes open source
  • New version of S1Tiling
  • Images produced by WASP used by a French TV news

It could be interesting to create new categories to this forum, so the users of this chains could have a common contact point with the maintainers/developers.

I see two approaches for this:

  1. We create one category for each chain, and the chain’s maintainer can add sub-caterogies according to their needs.
  2. We create one main category OTB Chains, and one sub-category for each chain. The maintainer then uses tags to organize topics.

In my opinion, the second option is more interesting:

  • More flexible (tags are a good way to organize topics)
  • The main category can be used for topics concerning multiple chains
  • More clear (All the chains are well identified as OTB chain)

I would be happy to have your opinion. And if you have any other idea, don’t hesitate to share it :slight_smile:

  • I prefer proposition 1 (1 category by chain)
  • I prefer proposition 2 (1 category and 1 sub-category by chain)
  • I have an other idea (share it in the comments)

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The pool will close in 10 hours. Don’t hesitate to vote, and to comment if you have any suggestion :slight_smile: