OrthoRectification error: No information in the metadata

I extracted a region of interest (ROI) from my full sintinel-1 Tile (S1-IW-GRD product) with GDAL.
I can open and read the ‘dataset’, the ‘band’ and ‘array’ objects as normal. I can also call:
dataset.GetMetadata() to see that the information is correctly imported from the original tile into the newly created ROI.

Now when I use ‘OrthoRectification’ procedure of OTB to apply on this data I get :

RuntimeError: Exception thrown in otbApplication Application_UpdateParameters: /home/sina/Documents/Programs/OTB/otb-release-7.0/Modules/Core/Transform/include/otbImageToGenericRSOutputParameters.hxx:52:
itk::ERROR: ImageToGenericRSOutputParameters(0x561bf9eb3580): No information in the metadata, please set an image with non empty metadata

I would appreciate any comment on this.

OTB has its own way of dealing with geometry metadata. If you open a native product, it will check into the related metadata files. But if you open a plain geotiff, OTB will look for a corresponding ‘.geom’ file to retrieve the geometry metadata (format used internally by Ossim). We don’t use (yet) the metadata reported by GDAL (but as we plan to remove Ossim, this will change).

To answer your problem, try to generate the ROI with the OTB application ExtractROI. You will get the ROI image plus the ‘.geom’ metadata file.

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