OrthoRectification error: No information in the metadata

I extracted a region of interest (ROI) from my full sintinel-1 Tile (S1-IW-GRD product) with GDAL.
I can open and read the ‘dataset’, the ‘band’ and ‘array’ objects as normal. I can also call:
dataset.GetMetadata() to see that the information is correctly imported from the original tile into the newly created ROI.

Now when I use ‘OrthoRectification’ procedure of OTB to apply on this data I get :

RuntimeError: Exception thrown in otbApplication Application_UpdateParameters: /home/sina/Documents/Programs/OTB/otb-release-7.0/Modules/Core/Transform/include/otbImageToGenericRSOutputParameters.hxx:52:
itk::ERROR: ImageToGenericRSOutputParameters(0x561bf9eb3580): No information in the metadata, please set an image with non empty metadata

I would appreciate any comment on this.