Orthorectify tiff + _rpc.txt file


I would like to test the orthorectification of Jilin images with OTB. I have a DEM, the raw image and an RPC file as text. The OTB help mentions that it supports any tif with RPC tag, but here my rpc info are in an external file. Is there another software that can write the info of the text as geotif tags so that I could use OTB ?

I’m also interested in this. It seems that otbcli_ReadImageInfo -keywordlist true displays the same RPC coefficients as gdalinfo does. On the other hand, the orthorectification output doesn’t seem to be too accurate.

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Dear @radouxju,

According to this documentation, GDAL is able to read the _RPC.TXT file if it is found with the image file. Since OTB relies on GDAL to read the images, my guess is that you should be able to provide your TIFF file as input of the application, as long as the _RPC.TXT is in the same directory it should be read.
Can you try and tell us if it works?


@radouxju have you still the issue with Jilin data ?

Dear @msavinaud and @julienosman,

Thank you for your answer. I will try it next week and let you know about the results.
I am not sure of the the geometric quality that I can expect from Jilin anyway, so maybe I have to forget about automated corrections of Jilin.