OTB 7.0.0 release candidate

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that OTB version 7.0.0 is on Release Candidate.

Ready to use binary packages are available on the package page of the website:

  • OTB-7.0.0-rc1-Win32.zip for Windows 32 bits
  • OTB-7.0.0-rc1-Win64.zip for Windows 64 bits
  • OTB-7.0.0-rc1-Linux64.run for Linux
  • OTB-7.0.0-rc1-Darwin64.run for Mac OS X

You can also checkout the release branch with git:

git clone https://gitlab.orfeo-toolbox.org/orfeotoolbox/otb.git OTB -b release-7.0

This version brings a lot of changes, including:

  • Documentation:

    • The Cookbook has been refactored !
    • The Software guide has been removed, most of its content has been migrated to the Cookbook.
  • New applications:

  • Other changes includes:

    • The minimum CMake version required to compile OTB is now 3.10.2.
    • The Mosaic Remote Module has been moved inside the OTB.
    • The Python wrapper support logging.
    • Python 2 is not supported by the wrapper anymore
    • The Java wrapper has been removed.
    • Support for GDAL 3.X has been added, support for GDAL 1.X has been removed.
    • Support for OpenCV 4 has been added.
    • OTB has a new continuous integration system.
    • New SAR sensor Model : CosmoSkymed
    • A generic functorImageFilter has been added.

This version also includes a lot of bug fixes, the full changelog can be accessed here.

Note: You may experience crashes with Monteverdi depending on the OpenGL version used (the shader code use functions removed in OpenGL 4). This issue will be fixed before the actual Release 7.0. See otb gitlab issue

We welcome your feedbacks and requests on GitLab and if you find a bug, please report it.

The OTB team.

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Dear @Cedric

Thank you very much for this RC1!

I was looking at the binary packages, but I can’t find the “description” folder with .txt files to use OTB provider for QGIS Processing (qgis-otb-plugin).

It is planed to include there description files only in the final release?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Pedro Venâncio

They are not in OTB-7.0.0/share/otb/description ? Which platform are you using ?


Sorry @Cedric, they are indeed. I was looking for them like in OTB-6.6.0-Win64\description.

Sorry for the noise!