OTB 8.0.0 release candidate n°1

Dear OTB community,

We are happy to announce that OTB version 8.0.0 rc1 has been released!

Ready to use binary packages are available on the package page of the website:

It is also possible to checkout the branch with git:

git clone https://gitlab.orfeo-toolbox.org/orfeotoolbox/otb.git OTB -b release-8.0

The documentation for OTB 8.0.0 can be found here .

This major version brings a lot of refactoring that aims at removing the dependency to OSSIM. A release note describing what to expect from this new version of OTB is available in the documentation.

  • A new Metadata framwork
  • A new organization for the Sensor Models (RPC and SAR models)
  • A new way to handle DEM

For developers working on remote modules, a migration guide is available.

The full changelog can be accessed here . We welcome your feedback and requests on OTB’s GitLab and if you find a bug, please report it !