OTB and QGIS 3.8


with this week, the ubuntugis updates got us the new QGIS 3.8 - Zanzibar.
The update (Ubuntu, without purge etc.) made the OTB installed on the previous version disappear.
Any idea of solving it?
It was also said, that the OTB provider will be available in processing core starting from qgis 3.8: does it mean that just the CNES plugin repository setup won’t be necessary or that also the installation will be different?


I think there is a problem when you try to add the CNES plugin in addition to the OTB provider that is now by default in QGIS. Can you try to remove the plugin. I had the same issue and this solved it (on windows though).


I have the same problem on ubuntu 18.04.2 and this solution don’t work. The menu OTB disappear on ToolBox on qgis ?

@pobsteta Does OTB appears in the providers list (Settings/Options/Processing/providers) ? Have you set the OTB parameters (activate=on, OTB app folder and folder) ? The library will not appear in the qgis toolbox if you have not.

I purged and autocleaned everything and it works (also Ubuntu 18.0.4)

Thank you all. It really helped me.