Otb binary installation error

Installation problem

OTB binary + gdal binary using conda

I am using ubuntu20.04/python3.8 and it showed that the glibc is conflict when trying to

conda install -c orfeotoolbox otb

it shows the following confilct, and it seems that the glibc is tightly connected to the ubuntu kernel which is hard to upgrade:

Found conflicts! Looking for incompatible packages.
This can take several minutes. Press CTRL-C to abort.

UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be incompatible with your system:

  • feature:/linux-64::__glibc==2.31=0
  • otb → libgcc-ng[version=‘>=7.3.0’] → __glibc[version=‘>=2.17’]

Your installed version is: 2.31

Thank you!!