OTB GenericRegionMerging


I am trying to use the GenericRegionMerging but I am getting the following error message :

(FATAL) GenericRegionMerging: Caught std::exception during application execution: bad allocation

Could anyone help me to understand what is wrong ?

Présentation1.pdf (18.5 KB)

GenericRegionMerging has one limitation: the image size.
You must process smaller images, or use a computer with a lot of RAM.

I believe that currently the official “large scale version” is still in development (see here) but we still have an old version working here. Note that in all cases, you will have to compile the OTB from sources.

Hi Remi,

I tested 3 sizes of image (20, 60 and 100Mo).
With RAM up to 512Mo, the result come in 3min for a 20Mo, in 45min for a 60Mo and never finish 100Mo.
During this process the ram memory usage increase until 11Go !

I would like try the external module that you mentionned LSGRM. Could you tell me about the way to use it on Windows system ?

You must compile the module from sources. I don’t know windows very well, but I think you have to use CMake to configure the build, then use a compiler to build OTB from sources. I think that you can find these information somewhere here, on the forum, or maybe in the documentation. But I can’t help you on windows, I am really sorry!