OTB User Days 2021

Dear All,

We are planning the OTB User Days 2021 by the end of this year, and we need you! This meeting will be held in Toulouse and it will be a great opportunity to discuss around OTB, its new functionalities and upcoming features.

Let us know the dates you prefer by completing the poll below. This event is open to everyone, regardless if you’re a long time developer or a newbie :wink: We’ll choose the best slot according to your votes!

Of course, this event depends on the evolution of the sanitary conditions and we’ll probably have to make some adjustments to make it happen. We are also planning to broadcast the presentations online.

Thank you a lot for your answers!

OTB Team

  • Week 45 (08/11 - 10/11)
  • Week 46 (17/11 - 19/11)
  • Week 47 (22/11 - 24/11)
  • Week 47 (24/11 - 26/11)
  • Week 48 (29/11 - 01/12)

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I heard the Opensource Experience Meeting will be held on week 45 in Paris. We may want to avoid organizing our User Days during this meeting.

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