Otbtf Dockerimage

Hello everybody,

i wanted to give the otbtf (https://github.com/remicres/otbtf or https://mdl4eo.irstea.fr/2019/01/04/an-introduction-to-deep-learning-on-remote-sensing-images-tutorial/ ) a try, and build the docker image as described in the first link.
It worked well, TF and OTB built, and i tried to execute this Command in a created Container:

otbuser@a7d2ca73f76b:~$ otbcli_PolygonClassStatistics -vec /data/sub.shp -field class -in /data/My_used_image.tif -out vec_stats.xml

and i got following output:

2019-07-26 09:41:09 (INFO) PolygonClassStatistics: Default RAM limit for OTB is 512 MB
2019-07-26 09:41:09 (INFO) PolygonClassStatistics: GDAL maximum cache size is 1251 MB
2019-07-26 09:41:09 (INFO) PolygonClassStatistics: OTB will use at most 4 threads
2019-07-26 09:41:09 (INFO) PolygonClassStatistics: Elevation management: setting default height above ellipsoid to 0 meters
ERROR 1: Invalid index : 485381264
2019-07-26 09:41:09 (INFO): Estimated memory for full processing: 21.7798MB (avail.: 512 MB), optimal image partitioning: 1 blocks
2019-07-26 09:41:09 (INFO): Estimation will be performed in 1 blocks of 1060x678 pixels
/work/otb/superbuild_install/bin/otbApplicationLauncherCommandLine: symbol lookup error: /work/otb/superbuild_install/bin/…/lib/otb/applications/otbapp_PolygonClassStatistics.so: undefined symbol: ZN12OGRFieldDefnC1EPS

Do you have an idea, what went wrong here ?

the Input image is a VHR image, the vector file are polygons with a field “class” containing the class of the polygons.

thanks and best regards


Thank you for noticing this issue.
I just take a look and indeed it seems to be something wrong with the linking of OGR libraries:

otbuser@f9561dd0b446:/data$ ld /work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1 -v
GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu) 2.30
ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; not setting start address
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::GetFieldAsString(int)'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::SetFrom(OGRFeature*, int*, int)'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::IsFieldSetAndNotNull(int)'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::GetFieldAsIntegerList(int, int*)'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::Clone()'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRSpatialReference::Validate()'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::GetFieldAsDoubleList(int, int*)'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::SetFrom(OGRFeature*, int)'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::GetFieldAsDouble(int)'
/work/otb/superbuild_install/lib//libOTBGdalAdapters-6.7.so.1: undefined reference to `OGRFeature::GetFieldAsInteger(int)'

I am now looking how to correct the dockerfile. I suspect that the system version of GDAL is too recent for the otb version (GDAL: bionic package v2.4, OTB: develop branch 0df44b312d64d6c3890b65d3790d4a17d0fd5f23)

Maybe updating the OTB, or using the GDAL from superbuild should correct this.
I keep you updated once it’s fixed!

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Hello Remi,

Great, thank you very much !

best regards


@remi.cresson OTB is now using GDAL 2.4 so if it is the problem you can update it, but I think that bionic is still in gdal 2.2… (https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/bionic/gdal)

Thanks @Antoine, it looks weird that gdal 2.4 was installed instead of 2.2.

I have fixed the Dockerfile now, this should work!

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Dear Remi,

It Works now !

thanks and best regards