Plans to move from otb-users to

That’s it, we have our own discourse instance! :+1:

Now the question is how to attract users posting on otb-users here?

  • Test the forum a bit, create a few topics, etc.
  • Change the website links on to here.
  • Announce it in otb-users
  • Update documentation, training material, etc.
  • Wait some time (2-3 months?), encourage users to switch and reply to otb-users message politely asking to repost to the forum
  • In 1 year or so, close the mailing list?
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From my point of view, this delay is too long. I would close the mailing lists in two months at the latest!


We could ask one of the current active topic in otb-users if they want to move the discussion here for testing ?

Is it possible to change the automatically appended current signature in messages dispatched by the mailing list to add a little notice that we plan to move the exchanges here?

Yes, I just checked it.

Good plan, shall we proceed ? There is a lot of activity on otb-users right now.

In my humble opinion, we should review the current categories before. The current categories are:

  • OTB usage
  • OTB development
  • OTB platform & services
  • Site feedback
  • Uncategorized

Does that seem appropriate to you? Should not we create more specialized categories such as “FAQ”, “Algorithms” or other?

Let’s have only two categories: users and developers. That’s what we have now in the mailing lists, so it will be easier for the transition. We can always add categories later it if it’s justified. But for now it’s premature, and not that important in my opinion.

I agree with Victor : let’s start with two categories.
Can we change the message in the otb-dev/user signature and make an anouncement on the lists ?

Yes, we can! :slight_smile:

Done! Here is the message added in the footer:

This mailing will be abandoned soon in favor of a more friendly forum:
Thanks to visit it for any question related to Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) usage, or to check the OTB FAQ: