Presentation of OTB


We have a meeting in Belgium on 24/10. This would be an opportunity to present OTB and to announce OTB 7 to the Belgian FOSS4G community. Is anyone intersted to make the presentation (I could go if there is no one available) ? Is there an existing presentation of OTB that can be presented in such event ?



Hi Julien,

I won’t be able to come to this month, and I don’t know if some of my colleagues here can either…
But I can prepare some slides about OTB 7 (a kind of “what’s new in OTB”).

Best regards,


Thanks Yannick,

Unfortunately I see that it is too late already (my fault, I didn’t react on time). But for a next time it would be great to have such a “what’s new in OTB” or else available for this kind of conference.

Ok Julien, we’ll do it next time !