Problem OTB / OpenGL


monteverdi does not start anymore.
I have the following message in the console:
WARNG> OpenGL version required ‘3.0.0’ with GLSL version ‘1.30’.
WARNG> OpenGL version ‘4.5.0 - Build’ detected with GLSL version ‘4.50 - Build’.
how can i fix this problem


Dear @fcka,
Could you provide us with some more context ?

  • Which version of the OTB are you using ?
  • Which operating system ? (Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux (which distrib))
  • How did you install OTB ? (binaries, compiles with Superbuild, etc)
  • How did you launch Monteverdi ?


Dear julienosman,
I specify that:

  • version OTB : OTB-7.2.0-Win64
  • installation by unzipping the zip file at the root of a disk
  • system : windows 10 professionnel 64 bits
  • launch of monteverdi from the exe file located in the bin directory.

I specify that I also configured my Qgis (version 3.4.5 64 bits) software to access OTB by installing the plug-in “Processing OTB provider” and
by defining the paths
OTB application folder : E:/OTB-7.2.0-Win64/lib/otb/applications
OTB folder E:/OTB-7.2.0-Win64

ScreenShot022.bmp (840.0 KB) .


Dear @fcka,
Thank you for this details. Could you try launching Monteverdi using the monteverdi.bat file located in the root directory? It should work better.

dear @julienosman,

i just run monteverdi with the bat file and i have the same message.


I have the same warnings, I am not sure it is a problem. But I am more concerned about the line:

Available applications: NONE!

This means it is not able to find the OTB applications at the OTB installation path. This is strange.
Are you sure your system is compatible with 64bits programs? (I would be surprised it’s not)
Do you have an other installation of OTB that could generate conflicts?

windows is a 64-bit version and I don’t have other versions of OTB

ScreenShot024.bmp (794.6 KB)

dear @julienosman
while searching, I had an old version of OTB on my disk. I deleted it, I emptied the recycle bin.
I can now access the toolbox.
Thank you
ScreenShot025.bmp (2.2 MB)

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