Problem with OTB Plugin installation

Hey to everybody,
at school we decided now to use QGis 3.10 with the OTB Plugin. (macOS Catalina 10.15.7) Thus it seems to be a very good programme me and some classmates having a problem when it comes to intall OTB. After downloading and command in terminal:

chmod +x

a message apears which says:
Software can´t be installed because it´s not at the Software-Updateserver right now.

Thanks for your time, help and suggestions :slight_smile:

Dear @Campus7,
I don’t know why you have this message. Are you using your own computer, or the computer from your university? Does your classmates use the same computer?
I’m not familiar with MacOS, is it possible that your user session is restrained by the administrator?

I don’t think your “old” qgis version fits your new OTB one.
Or according to this site it would be suprising :

Besides, maybe that’s not the best way but I usually just unpack zip binary packages and then set up the path in the QGIS option “provider” for OTB to OTB binary folder, and at restarting QGIS it works.

Dear Silas,

I can extract the archive on my computer (with Mac OS Catalina), but after that, I can not open Monteverdi or any application !
Maybe there are some restrictions as suggested by Julien : on my computer, I had applied the default settings before extracting the archive.

@julienosman : with a previous OTB version (6.6) on Mac OS, I had a and and now I have a (which does not launch properly)…

@Campus7 : My advice would be to download a previous version (here : and use a compatible QGIS version (as suggested by @gralis).

And we will investigate why it cannot be installed properly.

Best regards


Hey Guys,
we have to use QGIS 3.10 in school. So as @Gralis said: My “old” qgis version doesn´t fit to my new OTB (7.2.0)
Thanks to @yannick I could find previous Version ( that fits to my QGis 3.10.

I just renamed it in my otb folder to -> and used the same comand in the terminal because I´m a total newbie and don´t know how things work.

So problem solved. Thanks guys, you helped out a few people who can now finally start mapping.
Best regards, take care