Problems with SEGMENTATION

I successfully installed OTB 8.0 plugin on my Qgis but after the installation, I noticed that the algorithms aren’t complete. I intend to perform an OBIA(Object Based Image Analysis) on QGIS and that is why I need the OTB plugin some algorithms such as: Segmentation, Aggregate, Trade vector Classifier are missing. I will appreciate if I’m helped with this please. Thank you team.

Dear @emmaabugu,

Thank you for using OTB.

After installing and activating the plugin, you need to configure it. The “OTB folder” it the path to your OTB installation. If you haven’t installed OTB yet, follow this guide. The “OTB application folder” is the path to the directory containing the OTB applications. Usually, it is <PATH_TO_OTB_INSTALLATION>/lib/otb/applications, but you can add multiple directories in case you use remote modules.

I hope it helps.
Julien :slight_smile: