Quicklook with channel list

I want to make a quicklook image from a six-band tif-file using the command line. The names of the channels are “band 1”, “band 2”, “band 3”, and so on. I set the “channel list” flag to -cl band 1, band 2, band 3…but it did not work.

I could not find an example anywhere. The help file for quicklook is not very helpful in this case.

my last trial was:

  • otbcli_Quicklook.bat -in F:\OTB_small.tif -out F:\quicklook.png -cl 1,2,3

okay, I (almost) found the answer myself. The correct command would be:

  • otbcli_Quicklook.bat -in F:\OTB_small.tif -out F:\quicklook.png -cl Channel3 Channel2 Channel1

at least it works, but still…either the resulting image is empty or the non-NA area is only white, no matter what kind of input I use. Any ideas?


It is hard to tell why it doesn’t work as expected with no information on your input image.

Maybe the output image is white because of the png format of the output. In otb the default pixel type for png is uint8, i.e. in range [0 255]. The dynamic of the quicklook might have been cropped by this limitation. You can try to impose a uint16 pixel type to the output with

otbcli_Quicklook.bat -in F:\OTB_small.tif -out F:\quicklook.png uint16 -cl Channel3 Channel2 Channel1

Or convert the image to png with DynamicConvert before the quicklook png. If you want a uint8 quicklook while preserving the input dynamic.

But maybe this is not the cause of your problem.


Hi Cedric,

it worked with first applying DynamicConvert and then the quicklook. There must be an issue with my original data (WV2 imagery saved from SAGA-GIS as multi-band tif).

Thank you!

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