Running Maja on Docker

Could someone point me on how to use Maja on Docker?

I would like to use sen4x/maja:4.5.4-centos-7 but I don’t know how to configure the container and send and get data. Is there any documentation or tutorial?

Hi @alaor.bianco

You can use the official docker image of maja :
docker run -it orfeotoolbox/maja:4.6.3
If you want to share data with your container you can add after the argument -it :
-v PathOnYourComputer:PathOnTheContainer
the image is designed to call the maja launcher by default, so you can add the argument of maja after orfeotoolbox/maja:4.6.3.

For example:
docker run -it -v Path:InternalPath orfeotoolbox/maja:4.6.3 -i PathToYourL1C -o TheOutputFolder -l DEBUG -m L2INIT
This will create an L2A image in TheOutputFolder from your L1C, with debug informations activated.

If you want more informations I encourage you to read the UserManual

Best Regards

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Hi @thibaut.romain,

Thanks for your answer. I could move a step forward following your instructions and the manual instructions. Now I´m stuck on “No GIPP of type EXO_METDTA has been detected in the input directory!”

I could prepare DTM data following instruction of prepare_mnt , also could prepare cams like in cams_download. I´ve seen I can make cams optional disabled it in _L2COMM_L_ALLSITES file. But I could not find anything about meteo files. How to get this data and prepare it to process?


Meteo files cannot be retrieved automatically via a script like cams_download or prepare_mnt.

You can prevent Maja from looking at meteo files, by giving it a custom userconf file, you can find this file here
You have to modify this line and replace false by true :

Then when you call maja you can add the argument : --conf PathToYourMAJAUserConfig_SENTINEL2_MUSCATE.xml

Note: it works if you use a SENTINEL2 input product, you have to pick the UserConfig compatible with your product

It worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

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