Sample tutorial with real dataset using OTBTF Tensorflow v2

Looking for more documentation with real examples of OTBTF that is compatible with TF version 2. Majority of the documentation and tutorials, and the book that @remi.cresson has written on using OTBTF for remote sensing deal with TF1’s way of model building and training.

The above link and the corresponding code in the GitHub repo are the only available sources that I could find on building models and training using OTBTF with TF2. We are facing errors and are quite confused by the inadequate documentation provided in the tutorial. I would love to see if there are any other tutorials that are more detailed and deal with a real dataset to demonstrate the process.


Hello @srikar

You should take a look in the test folder of OTBTF, where the aforementioned tutorial is applied step by step to the test data input (which is available in test/data). This should help you to understand how it works.

For your information a new book should be published in the end of the year, addressing this matter with OTBTF and TF2/Keras.

OTBTF is open-source, do not hesitate to make a PR on github to improve the documentation.

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Thanks for the quick reply Remi. The code in test/data is really helpful but as it is written in C++, it is a little hard for us to follow or replicate.

I look forward to your new book and my best wishes to you in this endeavor.

Ours being a research project, our team shall definitely put out detailed documentation of our process and offer a tutorial of sorts once our project is done.


@srikar most of the code in test is in python

you should take a look to that cover your use case