Seeking Advice and Pathways for Learning OTB Source Code

Hello everyone! I am interested in learning the OTB (Orfeo ToolBox) source code to enhance my C++ skills in remote sensing data processing. I hope that by doing this, I can improve my professional skills to help me in my future job search. Could any experienced developers provide some advice or suggest an efficient learning pathway for studying the OTB source code? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @hammer_52250

Welcome to the OTB community, The cookbook first steps is a good start just to install and play with OTB in order to have an overview of what the toolbox offers.

After that, you can read the Contributing page to understand what is required to contribute.

You can start by downloading the source code, and build it following the cookbook. You can follow the SuperBuild build, it is the easiest as it compiles all the dependencies needed.

In this cookbook you have examples, which can help you understand the usage of Functors, Filters… These examples are available in the source code.
OTB is based on ITK and uses a lot of Templating, which is a C++ paradigm, if you are not familiar with this, I recommend you to learn that on popular developer websites before. ITK is an image processing library widely used for its Streaming capabilities. The documentation can help you, but we also explain the basics on the cookbook.

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I also suggest reading the “Developer Guide” in the Cookbook. It introduces the basics of the OTB.

Welcome aboard :smiley:


Hi there,

Thank you for the warm welcome and the helpful guidance. I will start by downloading the source code and using the SuperBuild build as recommended.

I look forward to exploring the examples in the cookbook, especially those on Functors and Filters, to better understand how to use OTB.

I will also brush up on C++ templating and ITK to fully grasp OTB’s capabilities.

Thanks again for the support, excited to be part of the OTB community!

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Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely check out the “Developer Guide” in the Cookbook to get more familiar with the basics of OTB. Excited to be here!