Segmentation corridors


I use Mapla (OTB 6.6.1) to perform a segmentation of an image. In general, it performs very well I must say, however in some cases I would rather prefer a different segmentation. For example in the attached image where we have long “corridors”. In reality this segmentation is quite impractical. Is it somehow possible to avoid narrow corridors and instead divide it into several, more dense (geographically) segments, without changing minimum region size?

Can you tell us a bit more about which application you use in mapla, and how you set the parameters ?

Yes, I am using “Segmentation”, Mean Shift. I have tried hundreds of different parameters I believe, but somehow there are always corridors created. In a dream segmentation it would be lovely to set minimum distance between segmentation lines. In that case the segmentation would have cut the lines where my white lines are, creating a more dense segmentation. Maybe it is possible? I just don’t know where and how.

Well, maybe the region merging algorithm can lead to better results in terms of compacity. You can try GRM remote module or . But there will be no miracles …