Sentinel 1: apply orbit file op missing

Hi all,
when processing Sentinel 1 SLC data, it seems to me there is no operation for applying an orbit state vector file (to correct for the exact orbit scenario), as also the diapOTB chains (e.g. S1IW) do not take care of this.

Can someone tell me why that is / why it was deemed unnecessary? Are there certain errors that are expected from not including this in the processing?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Did you tried to use the application otbcli_SARMetadataCorrection ? It seems it can do the job, but I didn’t try.
I am also investigating the need of applying the orbit update for non interferometry applications.

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Hi @koleckt, thanks for the reply! You’re right, that seems to be the right function. And I also overlooked it in the processing chain (a chain for my specific Sentinel 1 case), where it is applied under the condition that one passes an EOF_Path in the config file (, of which this parameter is not a part of by default. So, very hidden I might say. Due to incosistencies with the file distribution for S1 orbit files that could also be deemed wise, depends on perspective I guess. But yes, still unsure about the effects of not applying this…