Setting the qgis and training a data set

Do I need to do something setting on my qgis before working with it…
…if I need to, how do I do it??


Thank you for your interest in Orfeo ToolBox, but could you please give us more information on what you want to do (ie : describe what you want to use OTB for, what is your platform, the versions of the software you use, etc.).

Also, we recommand you to read the documentation, starting by the CookBook ( You should find all the information you need to start working with OTB.

In your case, the CookBook (section “Applications > QGIS Interface”) tells you more on how to configure OTB with QGIS. If you have trouble while configuring it, please tell us.

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I’m working on OBJECT BASED CLASSIFICATION, using this sequence: Training phase, segmentation, classification.
I’m currently having issues here

I’m using QGIS 3.12…

You can take a look to QGIS and OTB integration

It possible to you to move to the latest version 3.14 of QGIS ?

Which version of OTB do you use ?


I’m using QGIS version 3.12 I installed otb plugin into this version

Please don’t use the plugin but directly the OTB standalone package by following the guideline described in the link to the qgis documentation.

You can follow the cookbook in the recipe to perform the steps of a classification.


Ok… Thank you…let me switch

I don’t really know the application I should use here