Shifted Result in FineRegistration

I get a shifted result (the image with 3 bands) in FineRegistration,
see here:

In color the result, in grey the reference image
My run:
otbcli_FineRegistration -ref ./imaFX10.tif -sec ./delmewarpv2.tif -out ./test.tif -erx 5 -ery 5 -mrx 100 -mry 100 -ssrx 50 -ssry 50 -m CC



-out is the disparity map between the image and the reference, if you want to perform the actual registration, you should set the -wo parameter.


I know, but this leaves my question unanswered: why is the -out result shifted? I think it could be a bug,
but I’m asking here before reporting.

Opened an issue here: