SMAC's Heritage SPOT 1-4 Atmospheric Coefficients


I’m making use of the SPOT World Heritage (SWH) Imagery but as someone has already mentioned on these forums, the data is in the unprocessed Radiance format.

The SWH-2A CARTO faq page refers to a Python-based ‘SMAC’ algorithm with specific coefficients for use with older SPOT satellites for atmospheric corrections, but unfortunately the repository no longer exists, and even the archived COEFS page on that website doesn’t have the coefficient files archived for download.

I did a some more investigating and found that ‘SMAC’ was later integrated into the Orfeo OTB Product but again, unfortunately the archived links for Heritage SPOT atmospheric correction coefficients are no longer available at that link.

I plan to use the OTB to correct the SPOT 5 imagery I’m using as it’s supported, but I’m wondering are the older SPOT 1-4 coefficients from SMAC supported as well, or are they backed up somewhere within Orfeo’s possession? I can’t find a single other accessible program or plugin/toolbox available anywhere that mentioned SPOT 1-4 support, and without that support available, the SWH data is of limited use.

I realise this is more of an external issue than specific to OTB Development, and I have tried contacting anyone else related to this former project. I was wondering if the SMAC program was passed on to Orfeo, and if the older SPOT atmospheric correction coefficients would be available in future through your toolbox. If not, would anyone within OTB Development still have them?

Thank you for your time and any information you can give regarding this.

Dear @EldonSamuelson,

SMAC was implemented by @olivier.hagolle, and the coefficients are available on his GitHub repository. I hope this helps you.

I don’t know when SMAC was integrated into OTB, and I can’t find it in OTB. I need to investigate.

Julien :slight_smile:

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Oh wow! I tried looking through GitHub before but it seems another Python ‘SMAC’ had taken over the search engine. Thank you so much, this will really help.

Thank you again!