Stack-Averaging and BandMath

Hi dears,

I would like to apply a Stack Averaging with OTB. I guess it’s something related to otbcli_BandMath(X), I tried some but don’t really get it…

How could I get the average pixel of an x band image (multitemporal filter)?

Thanks a lot!


I’m not sure what “Stack averaging” means …

If you want to compute a 1 band image from a x band image, with each output pixel being the average of the corresponding input pixel, you can use the mean operator of BandMathX:

otbcli_BandMathX -in input -out output -exp "mean(im1)"

However if you want to compute the mean value of each band of a x band image, you can use the ComputeImageStatistics application.

Hope that helps,


Thank you Cedric, that was exactly my need! I was writting “im1Mean” :wink: