Suggestion: add to install documentation

Firstly, I’ve just discovered Orfeo/OTB and have had a bit of a play…VERY COOL…thank-you!

To the matter at-hand:

I had a few hiccups during install this morning, but managed to sort it out thanks to the excellent documentation. I found the info GitHub particularly useful.

I had some issues getting the plugin within QGIS to find the OTB executables from “Processing” window. Based on the log files, I determined that it wasn’t finding the path because I had unpacked to a path with spaces (e.g. “C:\Program Files”). As soon as I moved the OTB files to a path with no spaces and re-wired in QGIS settings>options, it was all-good.

Request: to assist others avoid my mistake could you please add a note in the installation instructions?


PS. I’m running Windows 7 with QGIS 3.6.3

Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoy OTB.

I will look into the space issue.