Superview 1 image orthorectification

Dear all,
Is it possible to orthorectify Superview 1 images using OTBCLI? This satellite sensor has the following spectral bands and acquired images come with RPC file.

Spectral bands:

  • PAN: 0.45-0.89 µm
  • B1/blue: 0.45-0.52 µm
  • B2/green: 0.52-0.59 µm
  • B3/red: 0.63-0.69 µm
  • B4/NIR: 0.77-0.89 µm

GSD (nadir):

  • PAN: 0.5 m
  • MS: 2 m

It is not on the supported sensor list but will it be possible to tweak some parameters to make it work?

Many thanks.


Yes, it works. You can use OrthoRectification application as you would use it for another sensor.
I also made some tests on PanSharpening and it works fine as well.

Do you need more help to fix the parameters ?

Best regards,


Sorry @yannick, I didn’t see this message until today. Yes, I need some help to fix the parameters.

Many thanks.