SURF algorithme


In HomologousPointsExtraction - Homologous Points Extraction- SURF algorithme what is the second input image?

Thank you very much.


The SURF algorithm computes a set of points that match in two images (-in1 and -in2 in the application).

This can be useful to perform image registration between two images. You can find more information in the associated Cookbook Recipe.


Thank you for respond, then this algorithme is not for corner detection?

I don’t think so …

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an application in OTB that can do Corner Detection.



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You may use Line Segment Detection to detect segments in your image, and then parse the segments and select perpendicular segments… This second step is not available in an official application or remote module.
Is that something that would fit your needs ?


We also have a Harris corner detector filter in OTB, but no corresponding application. This means that we could easily create a corner detection application. Or maybe add the Harris corner filter in the EdgeExtraction application if we don’t want to create an extra application.