Tests failed due to corrupted data


I have an issue after cloning otb sources on develop branch: otb
The clone step and the compilation succeed, but several tests failed (95) as they can not open files. These files are in the Data folder but sizes mismatch…
I used git clone, but I have the same issue by downloading the Data folder as an archive (zip or tar.gz) from here.
By individually download files from gitlab (without compression), tests succeed and files sizes are correct.

For instance the file: otb/Data/Input/Classification/VectorData_Water_VegetationQB1_utm31n.sqlite
has a size of 130 octect when cloning instead of 24.4ko when downloading only this file from gitlab.

We have reproduced this issue on different computers.




these files are stored using git-lfs, so you have to make sure it is installed before cloning otb. Is it the case ?



Thank you, adding git-lfs solves the issue.

The CookBook information about Tests are outdated, as it refers to the otb-data repot which is not longer updated. There are no indications about the requirement of git-lfs (or I have missed them).

Maybe you could add some text to explain this. For instance:

The test data are now included with the develop branch, and require git lfs .

Binaries for git lfs are available for different OS:

After donwloading, add the binary to $PATH.
Then run git lfs install.
Now, clone otb source with git:
git clone …


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Yes, you are right.

I updated the Cookbook in the develop branch, see https://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/CookBook-develop/CompilingOTBFromSource.html