Texture extraction

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I am trying to obtain a texture image from a forest I am working with. I have data captured with a multispectral sensor, so I have the RGB orthomosaic, and the following spectral bands: RED; GREEN; NIR and RE. I am trying to apply the tool Haralick Texture Extraction to the NIR band, as it is the most suitable for vegetation studies, but the result I obtain is a completely black image. However, if I use this tool in the RGB orthomosaic I get the values of the different texture attributes in the forest. Does anyone how can I obtaint texture attributes from the NIr band? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


maybe the problem comes from the -parameters.min and -parameters.max parameter setting. The default value are 0 and 255, but you should set them to match your input image dynamic. You can also play with the -parameters.nbbin parameter.

Tell us if that solves your problem.


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