Train Images Classifier


I am working on updating a QGIS Geomatics Applied Learning program that I am hosting on my website.

I am running into an issue with QGIS 3.24.3 with Orfeo Toolbox 8.0.1 plugin on MacOS. I have tried numerous attempts to get the plugin working properly. The plugin works in QGIS 3.22.6 LTR.

It is giving me this error: Python warning WARNING Cannot open /Users/username/Desktop/Test/TestStat10.xml ().()

I am attempting to run a supervised classification of a Landsat 8 dataset using an appropriate training feature, again this works in QGIS 3.22.6 LTR but not QGIS 3.24.3.

The Tools Train Images Classifier and Images Classifier are unable to read stat.xml or model.model files in QGIS 3.24.3 MacOS.

Just wondering if there might be an issue with QGIS 3.24.3 if QGIS 3.22.6 LTR works. I wouldn’t mind if a fix could be found, as this is a very useful toolset.

Thank you in advance.



Dear @FalconWing04,

Thank you for using OTB. And sorry for taking so long to answer…

Could you share with us the full log ? (just copy/past the content of qgis’ Log panel). It may help me see where the error comes from.

Best regards.
Julien :slight_smile: