Train Multiple Image

Hello all!

I was unable to use a train a classifier from multi image, this message appears:

Missing input vector data files to match the number of images


In TrainImagesClassifier you should provide one vector data source per training vector. The classifier will use image 1 with vector data 1, image 2 with vector data 2 etc …

This is useful for example when you want to classify data from different locations.

But maybe what you want to do is to use the features from all image on the same vector. In this case you should concatenate the input images before the classification, for example with ConcatenateImages.



I would like to put the list of “input image list” several images using the command “train image classifier”.

but do you have a vector data file corresponding to each input image ?

Yes, I have all, training, validation and test files

In the “Input Image List” parameter you should provide the list of image,
In the “Input Vector Data List” parameter the list of training vector data (in the same order)
In the Validation Vector Data List the list of validation vector data

This doesn’t work for you ?

No… look below picture


And the rest of the images

And this the error that appear3

There is only one element selected in “Input Vector Data list”, you should provide one for each input image

Even though it is vector for all 5 images?

can you try to provide the same file 5 times in “Input Vector Data list” ?

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Yes I try! And I will answer for you!

Hi, Cedric!

Thank you so much for this! The “train image” worked!

Cedric! More a question! haha

In “Image Classifier”, Is possible an “input” with more one image?

No, you have to call the application several times …

In QGIS you can use the batch processing tab to make it easier (


Right! Thanks, Cedric!

I did a mosaic of images in QGIS and I would like to check if the bands are correct. How do I verify this?


Can you detail what you did, because I am not sure to understand what you mean …