Use the "Approve" functionnality proposed by Gitlab

Dear OTB developers,

Currently, when core development members or PSC members want to show they reviewed and approve a MR, they use the :+1: emoji.

Since GitLab 11.8, we could use the “Merge request approvals”.

This functionality proposed by Gitlab is designed to approve MR in order to merge them. This is exactly what we have been doing with the emoji. I propose we start using this functionality. Is see several advantages:

  • Only people with the developer role or higher can approve a MR, this restrict the approval to people allowed to do so according the our contributing rules
  • It avoid confusion between “I approve this MR because I reviewed it”, and “I find this MR cool”

What do you think?

At least we can test this functionality.
I am okay with that!

I also agree to test that functionality. I think for most MR, one approval should be enough.