Vector classification problem

Dear all,

I am trying to perform classification analysis of the image according to the steps in the following YouTube video: “Object-based Image Classification in QGIS || OBIA!! || A Complete Tutorial” (
However, after defining the points of interest on the RGB photograph, performing Segmentation, Zonal Statistics, and associating attributes of the points of interest with the segmented polygons, a model was created using the TrainVectorRegression function. When running the VectorClassifier function, the value predicted is 0. When setting up the VectorClassifier, the class_id, which is defined in the shapefile of the points of interest and added to the attributes of the segmented polygons, is used.

Sometimes it gives an error “VectorClassifier: Confidence map requested but the classifier doesn’t support it!” but not every time.

Thank you for your effort in helping me solve this problem.