VectorClassifier - update mode - segmentation fault

I’m using the VectorClassifier 7.0.0 binary this way

otbcli_VectorClassifier -in T31TCJ_region_2_seed0_Samples_SP.sqlite -feat sentinel2_b2_20151130 sentinel2_b3_20151130 sentinel2_b4_20151130 sentinel2_b5_20151130 sentinel2_b6_20151130 sentinel2_b7_20151130 sentinel2_b8_20151130 sentinel2_b8a_20151130 sentinel2_b11_20151130 sentinel2_b12_20151130 sentinel2_ndwi_20151130 sentinel2_brightness_20151130 -model model_2_it_0.rf

and I get the following errors :

ERROR 6: WriteBlock() not supported for this dataset.
/mnt/data/home/vincenta/OTB-7.0.0-Linux64/bin/otbcli : ligne 55 : 31454 Erreur de segmentation  (core dumped)$OTB_CLI_LAUNCHER "$@"

model_2_it_0.rf (20.0 KB)

T31TCJ_region_2_seed0_Samples_SP.sqlite (172 KB)

Is something is wrong with the input dataBase ?

If the parameter -out is provided, everything works.

The same command (in update mode) works properly with 6.6.2 binaries.


Hi Arthur,
I can reproduce your problem but do not understand yet what is going wrong… Your database seems ok.
Thank for your bug report in Gitlab
best regards,