Warning message during MeanShiftSmoothing

Usual info:

windows 10 enterprise
128gb ram
Intel i9-9900k Processor

Newest otb version etc

So when i run the mean shift smoothing algorithm i get the message shown below if someone could possibly give me a reason why this is that would be awesome

(WARNING) MeanShiftSmoothing: Margin value exceed the input image size.

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Hi @lmcmaster

What values do you give to these parameters : "maxiter" and "spatialr" ? the margin is calculated as follows :
const unsigned int margin = (filter->GetMaxIterationNumber() * filter->GetSpatialBandwidth()) + 1;

Let me know,
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25 for the spatialr and 100 for the max inerations

forgot to mention I’m running otb in QGIS

I am working with a 5cm resolution drone image that covers a large area of forest for this stage I’m using a very tiny section as a test area to work out the best values.

With your parameters, the margin is 2501 pixels, so your area should be at least 2x the margin for this message to disappear

I also got this warning message, but I had a right margin :face_exhaling:

Can you give more information in order to take a look? such as your command line parameters and the image size

Best regards