We need someone to fill the OTB status report for OSGeo AGM

Hi all,

this week is FOSS4G conference in Bucharest with the annual general meeting of OSGeo. Can someone from the OTB PSC write on slide to report OTB news from last year:


Please contact me if you don’t have access to the slide.

It is only one slide, just sum up the release and main features from last year, the work on the continuous integration platform and also the state of the otb qgis plugin and possible other contact with other osgeo projects.

I think at least David Y., Yannick T (perhaps Rémi C.) attend the conference an can participate to the AGM meeting.

A less urgent thing to do would be to change the name of the contact for OSGEO. It is still me who appear on the website. I’m not far from OTB but it would easier to nominate an other point of contact for OTB in OSGEO. It required a PSC decision as discussed earlier this year.

Thanks in advance

I’ll do it.

I can be the OSGEO contact if there are no other candidates from PSC. A vote on the forum in the PSC section is sufficient for that I believe.

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Thanks Julien, the title is OSGEO project officer (to add to your business card!:). Sure a vote on the public forum is sufficient…

Julien for president !

I’ve update the slide for OSGeo meeting.
Tell me if you see anything more to tell !

I’ll go to this meeting on friday.


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I add my vote for Julien M as OSGEO project officer.

Julien R