WorldView 2 and GeoEye metadata Error in OTB

I aim to generate the TOA for WV2 and GE1 using OTB; I’ve tried using the plugin in QGIS, then the OTB setup itself. Here is the issue (I know there are related questions like this is years back, but no effective solution suggested in the trends):

(FATAL) OpticalCalibration: itk::ERROR: Keywordlist has no output with key support_data.B_band_absCalFactor

I keep getting this error whenever I open DigitalGlobe products (WV2 andGE1) in OTB. I think it’s an error due to metadata not read (I might be wrong).
Also, the equations provided by MAXAR is this here is totally different from the description in OTB Optical Calibration.

I will appreciate it if anyone could give a succinct response to all these, please.


have you found a solution to your problem ?

Are you using a multispectral product ? It looks like the metadata for the blue band cannot be found. Can you try running the ReadImageInfo application, and look at the output geom file ? The file should contain the support_data.B_band_absCalFactor. Is the product identified as WV2 ?

Regarding the implementation of Optical Calibration, I think it follows this paper for WV2 products


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Thanks, @Cedric, I’ve been able to work it out, although I wrote a script based on the document from MAXAR.

Adebowale Daniel.