Wrong computation of invalid zones

Hello all,

We noticed a change in the results of applying MAJA concerning the invalid zones for the SENTINEL products in the new format (post 01/25/22).
Before, the zone of a tile outside of the radar swiping zone were set to -10000 for the different bands and the MASKS/…EDG_Rx.tif had pixels set to 1 (with a confortable safety buffer)
With the new products, the invalid pixels of the different bands are now set to 0 and the EDG mask does not report invalid pixels anymore (both issues may be linked)

Anyone is having the same problem or am I doing something wrong ?




Users have reported this problem in Maja 4.5.2 so we did a 4.5.3 version which corrects this behavior. What version are you using?

Best Regards,
Maja team

I am indeed using 4.5.2…
I guess I will have to install 4.5.3 then…

Thank you