Wrong parameter for "OTB folder"

I am trying to install OTB to use it’s machine learning image classifier but am having trouble getting it loaded into QGIS.

Configuration setup
My system: Windows10, 64bit
Version of the OTB: 7.2.0
I installed the OTB directly from the downloads website
QGIS version: 3.14.0

I have tried activiting it through Settings>Options>Processing but it keeps coming up with the error message: Wrong value for parameter “OTB folder”: Cannot find ‘C:\mysystem\OTB-7.2.0-Win64\bin\bin\otbApplication\LauncherCommandLine.exe.’ OTB will be disabled.

I have looked in the directory and the path to the exe file is only has a single \bin folder (ie C:\mysystem\OTB-7.2.0-Win64\bin\otbApplication\LauncherCommandLine.exe) I have tried simply adding another folder but that doesn’t seem to rectify the issue. I know there is probably an easy solution but am unsure what it is, can anyone help me?:


What is the value of the “OTB folder” parameter ? In your case it should be C:\mysystem\OTB-7.2.0-Win64, is it what you used ? (it looks like you used C:\mysystem\OTB-7.2.0-Win64\bin)