ZonalStatistics error : "Wrong or missing parameter value"

Hello !

I use OTB in QGis, and I would like to use ZonalStatistics. I tried to use different parameters, but I always have an error : “Wrong or missing parameter value : input label image”. Attached you can find the parameters I tried and it doesn’t work. I think it’s a bug but I don’t really know.

Thank you for your help

You have 2 ways to compute the stats:

  1. From label image (i.e. a raster of integer values, “labels”, that annotate each objects)
  2. From vector (i.e. each polygon has a “label” field)

You can chose either option 1 or 2 selecting the “Type of input for the zone definition”.

It looks like QGIS complains when you don’t set both vector and label image? If so this is a bug related to the application parameters update… it should not use the label image if “vector” is the type of input for zone definition.
Can you give a try with the otb application run from gui? (e.g. mapla or otbgui_xxx)

@remi.cresson Thank you very much for your answer. I tried from gui and it worked well. I think there is a bug with this tool included in QGis.
I’m currently working about my master thesis and would have some other questions. Could we get in touch by an other mean please (I sent you an invitation on Linkedin) ?

Have a nice day :slight_smile: