Otb Installation problem

Wrong value for parameter “OTB folder”?
cannot find’C:\OTB\bin\otbApplicationLauncherCommandLine.exe’. OTB Will be disabled


Thank you for using OTB.

In order for us to help you, you need to explain what you did before the error message appeared.

I guess you are using Windows. What version of OTB did you install? How did you install it? Are you trying to use OTB with QGIS?

Julien :slight_smile:

yes i using windows.OTB version (OTB-7.4.0-Win64)…

OK, I see the problem:

the “OTB Folder” should be C:/OTB/OTB-7.4.0-Win64

Julien :slight_smile:

You should avoid spaces in folder names, the QGIS plugin doesn’t like it. Can you install OTB in OTB_Folder?

And I see there is a capital F at Folder, you may want to keep it when you fill the “OTB Folder” field.

Sir, I have been very tired for one week this problem I’m faced with please give a solution …

The field “OTB Foder” must be the path to the directory containing the file otbenv.bat. Find this file in your installation, et provide the path to the corresponding directory.

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So, you need to write C:/Orfeo-Toolbox/OTB-7.4.0-Win64 in the field “OTB Folder”.
And C:/Orfeo-Toolbox/OTB-7.4.0-Win64/lib/otb/applications in the field “OTB application folder”.

sir, I flow the setup correctly why it’s coming problem…

you need to write C:/Orfeo-Toolbox/OTB-7.4.0-Win64 in the field “OTB Folder”.

I Got the Solution …Thank You so Much…